About Anime-zing!

QC Anime-zing! is an annual three-day festival celebrating Japanese anime, and all related fandoms, communities, and arts. We support the gathering of hundreds of fans coming together to celebrate their mutual interest in anime and related media by organizing autograph sessions, panels, workshops, concerts, social events, game tournaments, anime screenings, and more. Anime-zing! is the best way to have a ton of fun with a ton of other people who enjoy anime.

We also exist outside of the convention weekend to organize anime screenings, social cosplay events, and to coordinate with other groups in the community to build a vibrant fandom in the area. We're always also welcoming new staff. The annual convention is held somewhere in the Quad Cities (right on the border of Iowa and Illinois along Interstate 80), bringing together well over 1,000 fans each year. We also work on other conventions, which include Anime Midwest in Rosemont, Illinois around the 4th of July, and Anime-ZAP! in Peoria, Illinois in January. Each convention is especially unique, with an excellent variety of events, guests, and activities at each one. We hope to give fans the best possible convention experience.

Anime-zing! History

Anime-zing!2010~460 people~950
Anime-zing!2011~590 people~1000
Anime-zing!2012~700 people~1400
Anime-zing!2013~800 people~1500
Anime-zing!2014~800 people~1500
Anime-zing!2015~900 people~1800
Anime-zing!2016~900 people~1800
Anime-zing!2017~950 people~1900
Anime-zing!2018~950 people~1900
Anime-zing!20191,632 people~4500

Anime-ZAP! History

Anime-ZAP!2010160 people250
Anime-ZAP!2011550 people960
Anime-ZAP!2012680 people1150
Anime-ZAP!2013~800 people~1350
And so on2014+~1000 people~2200

Charity & Community Support

QC Anime-zing! has long supported the community by giving free admission to underprivileged youth, community members, and local teachers. To date we estimated we have contributed at least $10,000 in free admission, support, and work to supporting the community. In the next coming years we hope to work with more charities and community organizations, and we are always interested in your ideas. We also give free admission to certain teachers and educators.

Contact Information

This year's convention will be at the Holiday Inn Rock Island.

226 17th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

If you need to contact the convention, the absolute best way is to use our email contact form. For simple questions, we often reply the same day. For detailed questions, we may take 7-10 days to get back to you as we try to find the right answer.