Emergency Procedures

In an emergency, call 911.

Some examples of when to call 911: When someone is experiencing a medical emergency, such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or a stroke, or when there is a fire or other emergency situation that could cause damage to life or property.

If it is not a life-threatening emergency, you will want to find our Con Operations center or seek out the nearest staff member and ask for emergency assistance. You may also contact other responsible parties, such as the hotel front desk, wherever is closest and most convenient to you.

Harassment: In the event of harassment, see our harassment policies and report it to our staff.

Rule Breaking: If you see rule breaking, see our policies and report it to our staff.

For Staff or Emergency Handlers

If you are handling an emergency, refer to our official convention staff handbook for critical information about how to deal with each kind of situation. Typically you should contact the nearest senior staff member immediately.

Remain calm and keep the situation under control. Ask everyone to remain calm. Use a calm and patience voice and do not act in a frantic manner.

Do not allow a crowd to gather around an injured person that may delay the ability of first responders to get to the person, instead request a path be cleared and that onlookers return to their own activities.