Masks are encouraged.
The RiverCenter  August 5 - 7, 2022  Davenport, IA


Convention Hours

Dealers & Artists
Friday1pm - 8pm
Saturday   10am - 7pm
Sunday10am - 4:30pm
Events & Panels
Friday3pm - 1am
Saturday   10am - 1am
Sunday10am - 5pm

About Events

Anime-zing! is a weekend filled with a ton of different events celebrating a wide variety of fandoms. We have panels, screenings, and events focusing on your favorite genres, in addition to a dozen awesome social events to hang out with awesome like-minded fans. We have separate pages for some of the biggest events, like our cosplay contest and Formal Fantasy Ball, but there are over fifty events each year. We also encourage attendees to submit their own events. The final schedule, released about 3-5 weeks prior to the convention, will have the complete list and event descriptions for all events.

Want to host an event? Click here to submit it!

Cosplay Contest: Online signup is available when the con is between 60 and 10 days from now. You can sign up at the con until we're full.

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