Help and Information

Our anime convention is filled with fun events and activities that we would love for you to participate in. We are here to provide support and information. During the convention, we have a room called Con Operations that has an information desk and staff who can support you and answer questions during the convention. Please find Con Ops if you need staff attention during the convention.

If you need help, you can use the contact form to reach out to us.

How do I enter the cosplay contest?
You can signup in advance from our website, or on-site if space is still available. However note that you can not sign-up once pre-judging and run-throughs have begun. Signups are firmly closed once these things begin.

What should I expect at the convention?
We have some tips for congoers as well as a guide for first-timers.

How do I register as press?
Member of the press can visit our Press Registration to confirm their attendance and apply for complimentary press passes for admission.

What do I do if I have experienced harassment?
We would like you to come to Con Ops and report it to us. For more information view our harassment policies.

What do I do in an emergency?
See our page with emergency information or contact the nearest staff member or hotel/venue employee.

Can I work behind the scenes?
If you want to volunteer for staff we do offer free admission to the convention for those who help us out behind-the-scenes.