Charity Support

Our organization is proud to support charities in our events, and be a part of giving back to our local community. At our events, we make a strong effort to give back to the community. We believe that it is important to use our platform and resources to make a positive impact in the community. One way we do this is by partnering with local non-profit organizations and charitable causes to help raise awareness and funds.

Supporting Our Community

Anime conventions can play an important role in helping young people by providing a safe and inclusive space for them to express their interests and passions. Our anime convention, specifically, can help young people through panels and information by offering a variety of educational and informative sessions.

One way our convention helps young adults is by offering panels that address relevant social issues and concerns. For example, our recurring panels on mental health, diversity and inclusion, and safe online practices can provide valuable information and resources. Additionally, the convention can provide professional advice to young people interested in pursuing a career in animation, voice acting, writing and other related fields. This can provide them with the information and inspiration they need to pursue their dreams and set them on a path for a successful career.

Moreover, our convention provides a space for young people to connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests. This can help them build friendships, networks, and communities that can provide support and encouragement during their developmental years and beyond.

In addition to that, having guests and industry professionals from anime industry come to the convention, attendees can gain insights and knowledge from them, and also the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their own creative works.

In summary, our anime convention provide a wealth of information, inspiration, and support for the members of our communities through panels and information, in addition to the direct charity support we offer through our fundraising programs and giving-back initiatives.