Dealers Room

We have an exciting hall filled with dealers selling all kinds of anime and anime-related merchandise. You can spend hours looking through wares ranging from DVDs and posters to plushies and Japanese candies. The dealers room will be open during most of the weekend, during the day and afternoon.

Becoming a Dealer

We're happy to welcome you to participate in our upcoming convention. Registration is entirely online - there is no postal mail option for dealer or artist registration. All dealers in our dealer's room must agree to specific rules that regulate the safety of attendees and operation of the dealer's room.

Anime-zing! 2023 Artists sold out. Artist registration has filled up. The waiting list is closed, we will not be able to accept more artists. Check again for future years.

Dealer & Artist Registration Prices
10x10 Dealer Booth and 4 badges
20x10 Dealer Booth and 4 Badges
30x10 Dealer Booth and 4 Badges
40x10 Dealer Booth and 4 Badges

Vendors for Anime-zing! 2023

Artists at Anime-zing! 2023

Setup Hours

Public Hours

Rules and Info

Email List

To be informed when we open dealer/artist space for any of our conventions (including Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa, etc), please fill out this signup form. This form is for notifications only. Please do not email us to ask when space will become available, because this email list is the ONLY way to get notified.