Panels are any kind of discussion, Q&A, meetup, or talk on a specific topic, show, or fandom. They include are fan-lead plot discussions, talks about character pairings, hilarious commentary on badly-dubbed anime, fandom meetups, and even Q&As with our guests of honor. The convention's main programming is built on panels run by staff, volunteer attendees, and our guests of honor.

We are always looking for more panels. If you have something you want to talk about, a group you want to have a meetup and chat with, or something you think you could teach, we would love to have you submit your event. If you're willing to run an hour-long panel on it, we're usually able to include it in the schedule (time permitting). Some of the most popular con events are fan-lead panels, like the fanfiction panel or the Final Fantasy panel.

A description of each panel is featured in the convention program book, which will be put on the convention events page when it's complete. The program book is usually completely 3-5 weeks prior to the convention - though sometimes we release preview schedules much earlier. We only wait so long to publish the final program guide because we continue gathering event submissions, and sometimes the schedule may be changed at the last-minute.