Artist Alley Information

Our artist alley is a great place to buy cool handmade items, original character works, sketches, and beyond. We feature over a dozen local artists selling some of their awesome work. For artists, our artist alley is a great place to get exposure, meet with fans, sell stuff, and beyond. Artist alley spaces come with one table and chairs for up to two artists. We ask that you limit the number of artists sitting at your table at any one time to two.

Note that some artist alley tables will be placed in the exhibit hall, while some may be outside of the programming rooms. Artists in the exhibit hall will not have to take down their stuff each night, but artists elsewhere will have to pack up at night and setup again in the morning. We will attempt to put as many as possible in our dealer's hall, but all artists may want to plan to take down and reset each day. We can not guarantee placement in either spot! If you have such a large setup that you must have a space in the exhibit hall, we recommend a dealer booth.

Tables will include one free convention badge. Additional artists beyond the first pay the same price as a regular attendee for more badges.

Go to the DEALERS page for Prices and Registration.

Artist and Dealer Rules

The rules for both artists and dealers are the same, and are on the dealers page.