Our Dealer's Room is filled with every kind of anime merchandise you could possibly want. If you want to buy anime stuff, like DVDs, wallscrolls, manga, posters, or plushies, our dealers room is likely to have it. Many attendees come to the convention just to get a chance to buy anime stuff in our vendors room.


We are proud to feature local artists selling their original creations, character sketches, custom prints, buttons, and more. Come out and support local and area artists in their work and discover some new and original anime inspired art.


We give free tables to other conventions who would like to come to our convention to promote theirs. We enjoy attending other conventions, and always try to support the fan community.

What's the exhibit hall like?

The animezing exhibition hall is a wonderful place with dealers & artists you can shop from! Browse and shop anime merchandise to your heart's content. Enjoy our awesome dealers room and artist alley to find some really cool anime, video game, pop culture, and comic related merchandise. If you like nerdy stuff then our exhibit hall will be an epic place to buy some really cool merchandise from our really amazing vendors. Expect to be able to find anime shirts, anime plushies, DVDs, manga, and more. Some vendors even sell cosplay costumes, accessories, swords, and other stuff like that.

How can I be a vendor?

Registration to sell stuff is done entirely online and through our website. The process is as easy as buying a space if they are available from the dealer and artist page. That page will tell you if we are sold out, or if space is not yet available.